My Top 5 Dream Graduation Gifts

So here’s the deal.
I’m graduating in less than a month. And even though that means I have some pretty great things to look forward to it also means that I’m leaving behind a pretty good life and some pretty good friends. And that’s the reason I’ve been sporadically crying for weeks a little bit upsetting. So instead I’m going to try to look on the bright side. I’m graduating. There will be a celebration. There will be a party. And that means there will be gifts. (There are also a lot of other things to look forward to after graduation.)
And while most of these gifts won’t be nearly as great as the list I’ve compiled in my head (and rightly so), I still feel like sharing it with you ladies. Mostly because I just want to daydream about these awesome graduation presents, but also because maybe one of my relatives will find this article after winning the lottery and feel bad about getting me a crappy high school graduation present all those years ago and surprise me with one of them.
But anyway, back to the point. After day dreaming about my graduation celebration I’ve compiled a list of dream gifts. Not gifts I expect to get. Not gifts I think I should get, but gifts I wish I could get. And now I’m sharing them with you. Get ready to drool ladies.
1. MacBook Air
This one is actually pretty practical. For a long time now I’ve been a PC girl, or a Dell girl to be more precise. But after four years and more fried hard drives and/or motherboards than I care to admit, I think it’s time for a change. Now that I’m out of college I no longer have to worry about my papers being compatible with my teachers and I want to make the switch to a Mac, but not just any Mac, the MacBook Air. It’s tiny and portable, and so, so pretty.
2. A Trip to Greece
Ever since I read The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants I’ve wanted to visit Greece. And every time I see it in a movie (Mamma Mia, My Life in Ruins, and lots of other chick flicks) my desire to visit the country only increases. There’s just something about it that appeals to me, ancient and beautiful, and full of gorgeous guys with great accents. A one way ticket is fine, thanks.
3. The iPhone 5
I’ve wanted the iPhone for a very long time. But not enough to give up my Verizon service plan. So I held off on entering the world of the smart phones for a while. Until last summer. When I finally caved and got the Blackberry. Just a few months before the iPhone came to Verizon. So now I have a 2-year Blackberry plan, and can’t upgrade without paying for the iPhone in all its full price glory. Something I will not do. I will, however, accept gifts.
4. A Shopping Spree
Come on, how could I pass up the opportunity to ask for a full-fledged shopping spree? I mean I’ll be a college graduate soon. So that means I need a college graduate’s wardrobe. Wish means I need to do lots and lots of shopping. For lots and lots of shoes business attire. It doesn’t have to be the whole mall, just Macy’s will be fine…please?
5. A Lifetime Supply of Starbucks
Just because I’m giving up all-nighters that doesn’t mean I’m giving up my caffeine fix. In fact, now that I’ll have to wake before the crack of dawn I’ll need my morning macchiato more than ever before. But trenta venti caramel macchiato’s don’t come cheap, especially on a post-grad budget. So if someone else could fit the bill I’d really appreciate it.
What about all the other seniors out there? What are your dream graduation gifts? Do any of these graduation gifts belong on your list?

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