Quick and Easy Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

In honor of Earth Day, we recently held a contest asking you, our earth friendly readers, to share your tips for going green. We were shocked by all the amazing ideas you ladies shared with us so we thought we’d reduce, reuse and recycle them into a handy list for everyone to use.
If you’re looking for a way (or many ways!) to reduce your carbon footprint without making your life more difficult (or getting all tree huggy), here are a few easy ideas to get you started:
1. Walk. To class, up the stairs, to the grocery store….you’ll save gas and wasted electricity. Bonus: you’ll burn major calories.
2. Switch to energy efficient light bulbs. They are a tad more pricey, but they last FOREVER.
3. Instead of buying bottled water, invest in a cute, reusable bottle and a water filter for your fridge.
4. Unplug any electronics you’re not using – keeping them plugged in, even if they’re not on, still wastes electricity.
5. Bring your own mug to your favorite coffee shops – some places even give you a discount for being green!
6. Don’t throw out old clothes, furniture, or just stuff in general – donate it! Someone could always use what you have to give, and sharing it with someone else keeps it out of the landfills.
7. Use a recyclable shopping bag on your next run to the grocery store or even mall. In fact, keep one in your bag for any errands you might run on your way home or while you’re out.
8. Go for thrift stores! Vintage clothing means no new materials are being wasted. Plus, it’s affordable, fashionable, and one-of-a-kind.
9. Recycle newspapers, old books, or magazines to decorate notebooks, furniture, or make cool projects to spice up your dorm room.
10. Air dry your clothes! It saves a ton of electricity.
11. Instead of buying new sheets or dresses or comforters – try dyeing them to revamp their look!
12. Go paperless and pay your bills online.
13. Bike to class! Not only is it green, but it’s a great workout.
Oh, and don’t forget word-of-mouth! If you’re recycling, tell others and get them to join you. We all live on this earth and need to keep our planet and ourselves as healthy as can be. And when things are this easy, there’s no reason not to greenify your life.
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