5 Surprising Things That are Making You Fat

You work out. You eat healthy foods (most of the time). You choose fro yo over ice cream, and 100 calorie packs over double fudge brownies. You drink lots of water, get lots of sleep. You do everything you’re supposed to do to live a healthy life and you’re still gaining weight.
WTF? What’s a girl got to do to drop a few lbs?
Avoid these five surprising things, to start.
Diet Soda
It’s one of those things we just assume is good just because it has the word diet in it. WRONG. According the San Antonio Heart Study, the more diet soda someone drinks the higher their risk of obesity. Why? Well, another study reveled that the fake sugar in diet soda tricks your brain and actually makes you hungry for sweeter foods. Because the temptation of Reese’s in the vending machine wasn’t already great enough.
Carb-free Liquor
At first glance you’re like, YES! FINALLY! So you down, like, 12 and feel light as a bird (and drunk as a Disney star). If only it were that easy. The truth is, it’s important to take carbs into consideration, but it’s equally (if not more) important to be on the look out for calories. And I’m sad to say many, if not all, carb-free liquor beverages are still pretty high in calories. Calories that turn to fat. On your thighs.
Keeping the Light on at Night 
In a study done by the National Academy of Sciences, it was discovered that being exposed to even a dim light at night could cause you to pack on the pounds. In an experiment mice that were exposed to dim light at night gained 50% more weight than the mice who were in complete darkness. That should be more than enough reason to turn off the TV/computer monitor and kick your night owl roommate out of the room when you climb into bed at night.
Yes, leggings! Sounds crazy, but some people are saying that leggings make you fat! Because of how tight they are and how they hold everything in (which I thought was the best part!) they are actually letting your muscles slack off, leaving them weak and leaving you stuck with mushy legs for bikini season.
Moving Back Home
If the thought of moving back in with your parents this summer wasn’t painful enough, then just think about all of the high-fat, high-calorie cooking your mom will be doing, and all the delicious baked goods that just pop up every day. Studies show that because you are merely eating, rather than cooking/supplying yourself with all the delectable treats, you are more likely to take in excess calories. Lesson here: stay at school pay attention to what yo mama is cookin’.
Pretty surprising stuff. And aren’t you glad you know now? They say knowledge is power. In this case, knowledge is a six-pack and a toned butt.

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