Current Events Cheat Sheet: Obama Is American and Osama is Dead

Osama bin Laden is dead. But I’m sure you already knew that. Navy SEALs descended on his compound in Pakistan yesterday, killing him and two others. Apparently, one of bin Laden’s wives was used as a shield during the gunfight. U.S. officials received a tip concerning his whereabouts all the way back in August and have been planning the mission since then. After the White House broke the news, thousands of citizens rushed the White House (the first reportedly being local college students- we do know how to party) and Ground Zero.
The state of Hawaii released President Obama’s birth certificate, hoping to silence the so-called ‘birthers.’ Presidential wannabe Donald Trump reignited the rumors that our President (yep, the same one who just took down Osama bin Laden) was not actually born in the U.S.  On Wednesday, along with a copy of the doc, Obama made an announcement: “I just want to make a larger point,” he said. “We’ve got some enormous challenges out there,” and “sideshows and carnival barkers” (achem, Mr. Trump) can’t distract us from them. Hopefully, this will end the doubts once and for all, but it’s not likely- there are already conspiracy theories surrounding Osama bin Laden’s death.
Tornadoes tore across the South Wednesday, causing devastation and a death toll over 300.  The AP is reporting it as the worst outbreak of tornadoes since 1932. States from Virginia to Mississippi were hit bad– the governor of Alabama said the damage in his state alone was comparable to that of Hurricane Katrina. President Obama visited Tuscaloosa on Wednesday (busy guy) and remarked that he had “never seen devastation like this.” Whole towns and even counties have been flattened. If you’d like to help, FEMA put together a list of charities that are aiding the relief effort.
Last Monday, around 500 criminals escaped from an Afghan prison. The mass exodus was orchestrated by the Taliban, who carried out some intense planning: the tunnel was 1,000 feet long and digging took at least 5 months. Obviously, even though the U.S. just took down one of the most dangerous and notorious terrorists, there is till a lot to worry about.  Afghan officials say the U.S. soldiers stationed near the prison should take at least some of the blame.
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This little bridesmaid was unhappy about all the noise spectators were making at the Royal Wedding of Britain’s Prince William and Kate Middleton, but the happy couple didn’t seem to mind 😉

Where Were You When You Found Out Osama Bin Laden was Dead?
Where Were You When You Found Out Osama Bin Laden was Dead?
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