TV is Ending. Prepare Yourself

The end of spring semester means a few glorious things: spring weather (and the boys running shirtless that comes with it), porch cocktails and, duh, the end of school. But it also means a few not so glorious things: review sessions, study sessions, cram sessions, and the end of our favorite prime time TV shows.
Yes, quality TV is coming to an end and so-bad-it’s-sometimes-good summer programming is coming our way. So let’s have a moment of silence for our guilty pleasures, then mark our calendars and set our DVRs for their big ‘see ya later’ episodes:
Thursday, May 5
30 Rock (10-10:30PM)
Friday, May 6
Fringe (9-10PM)
Thursday, May 12
The Vampire Diaries (8-9PM)
Community (8-9PM)
Outsourced (10:30-11PM)
Friday, May 13
Smallville (8-9PM)
Sunday, May 15
Desperate Housewives (9-11PM)
Survivor: Redemption Island (8-9PM)
Monday, May 16
90210 (8-9PM)
Gossip Girl (9-10PM)
Chuck (8-9PM)
Hawaii Five-O (10-11PM)
Tuesday, May 17
One Tree Hill (8-9PM)
Hellcats (9-10PM)
Wednesday, May 18
America’s Next Top Model (8-9PM)
Thursday, May 19
The Big Bang Theory (8-9PM)
Grey’s Anatomy
Bones (9-10PM)
The Office (9-10PM)
Parks and Recreation (10-11PM)
Friday, May 20
Supernatural (8-10PM)
Saturday, May 21
Saturday Night Live (11:30-1AM)
Sunday, May 22
Family Guy
The Simpsons (7PM)
American Dad
Celebrity Apprentice (9-11PM)

Monday, May 23
Dancing With the Stars (8-9PM)
Tuesday, May 24
Glee (8-9PM)
The Biggest Loser
Dancing With the Stars
Wednesday, May 25
American Idol (8PM)
Modern Family

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