5 Superpowers Every College Girl Could Use

With all this talk about the new take on Wonder Woman, set to hit our televisions next fall, the girl with the golden lasso has been getting a lot of hype these days. From her costume to her hair just about everyone has an opinion on just about every part of this franchise. So I had to ask myself, Self, why is our culture so fascinated with superheros? Is it the costumes? The vigilante thing? The status? Nah. What I think it really comes down to is the power. The superpowers, that is.
I mean think about it. How much easier would your life be if you had superpowers?  I know, I know – Peter Parker’s grandpa told us “With great power comes great responsibility” and how it’s not all fun and games for these cape crusaders. But just for a moment, let’s pretend it is. Let’s pretend that college students had superpowers…
1. The power of persuasion
You know, sort of like that power the vampires have. Some call it compulsion, some call it dazzling. For the purpose of this article I’m going with persuasion. You can’t turn in your paper on time? Persuade your professor to give you an extension. Or better yet, to excuse you from that paper all together. A girl is going after the guy you like? Persuade her to go after someone else. Really want an internship? Persuade the interviewer to make sure it goes your way.
2. Superspeed
This one would completely eliminate that whole myth about girls taking too long to get ready before they go out. I mean we’d be able to try on our entire wardrobe, pick an outfit, and clean our room before our guys would even be able to walk across campus. And could you imagine the damage we’d be able to do in a shopping mall?
3. Teleportation
Talk about cutting down on costs. Who needs to buy a car when you can be anywhere you want in the blink of an eye? Need to make a trip home? No need to book a flight; just blink. In the mood for some croissants? Have lunch in Paris. Writing a paper on the coliseums? Check them out up close and grab a few pictures for extra credit. This one would make studying abroad so much easier. And cheaper. Which means more money to drop at the Prada outlet in Florence. Weeee!
4. Mind Reading
You’d never have to wonder if anyone was lying to you ever again. No more games. With friends. Boyfriends. Family members, or with those annoying sales ladies in stores who tell you absolutely everything you try on looks “OMG Amazing!” You’d always know the truth. And you know what they say, honesty is the best policy.
5. Hot Guy Radar
Stay with me here. I guess I’m sort of thinking of something along the lines of what the robot superheroes always have. You know, they lock in on a target, scan their retina, and suddenly the robot has all the information one could ever hope for on a guy. Everything from his dating history to his taste in music, to whether he wears boxers or briefs. If only. (For now our hot guys list will have to suffice.)
What about you? Got any special super powers in mind that would make you life easier?

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