Glee-cap: Players Only Love You When They’re Playing

These days Glee’s been flip-flopping more than Sam Evans’ hair.  I mean, one week I’m struggling to get through the hour, hoping against all hope that Rachel will do one of two things: open her mouth to belt out a Broadway standard, or open her mouth to make out with Finn – probably the two only things that could salvage a truly boring episode.  And the next week?  Well, somehow they’ll manage to pull out something that has me more juiced up than Noah Puckerman’s arms.

Sadly, last night’s episode is one that falls into the former category.  “Rumours” has potential: songs that are pulled from a great album (Rumours, by Fleetwood Mac), major relationship drama, and a dramatic plot twist – but somehow, it just didn’t work for me.

I can more or less divide the various plotlines of this episode into three neat little categories – the romantic stuff, the dreaming big stuff, and the sneaky stuff – and they were all tied together by one idea: that muckrakers ruin everything.   The cast and crew of Glee have had more than their fair share of media warfare.  From racy photos, to reports of offscreen cattiness, to the widely held belief that Lea Michele is a diva, to Ryan Murphy’s tireless advocacy of his personal beliefs, polarizing as they may be – this is a show full off people who aren’t always on great terms with media giants.  And this episode was a not-so-subtle dig at journalists, bloggers, and the general public.  What can I say?  Haters gonna hate.

So let’s get to those three categories of plotlines, shall we?  To kick it off, let’s talk love….because, well, those are my favorite storylines.  Newsflash, kids: Blaine and Kurt are SO ten minutes ago.  These days, it’s all about pulling for an equally lovable same-sex pairing: Brittany and Santana.  To make a long story short, Artie and Brittany break up because he grows uncomfortable of her relationship with Santana.  It seems like another little argument between a high school couple – until Artie calls Brittany stupid.  Yeah, HE WENT THERE.  It’s more or less used as a figure of speech that has a special place in any fight, but Brittany takes it to heart.  She runs away crying, saying that he is the only person who had never called her stupid, and just like that, the entire essence of their relationship is revealed.  It isn’t just because she was his first, or because they make an insanely cute couple (who, let’s face it, don’t make a ton of sense).  The reason these two thrived for so long is simple: Artie, in his desperation to hold on to the pretty and popular girl he never would have never envisioned in his life, fails to call her out on the shortcomings that are so apparent to everyone else.  By doing this, he validates Brittany’s sense of self worth – after all, she did acknowledge her lack of brain power as her most undesirable trait in last week’s episode.

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