In Our Makeup Bag: Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner

What It Is:
Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner in #12 Mat Mocha & #14 Diamond Multicolor Black

Why This Should Be in Your Bag:
Eyeliner is a surefire way to kick your makeup routine up a notch. Daytime looks benefit from healthy dose of pencil or powder liner, while nighttime eyes are intensified with liquid. Liquid liner is also one of those milestone makeup products — when you master the application you truly deserve a medal!
Make Up For Ever (MUFE) is a fave brand of mine and one that you’ve seen me review many a time. Makeup artists, as well as myself, love MUFE for their long-wearing, highly pigmented product. Aqua Liner is a new release, with 50% polymer content to make them completely waterproof. With a wide range of shades and finishes, all your liquid liner needs can be satisfied with Aqua Liner.

How To Use It:
Along with this release, MUFE has put out a nice guide called “Liquid Liner 101.”
Here are their steps:
1. Draw a thin line of liquid liner centered on the upper lash line directly above the pupil.
2. To create the liner “tail,” choose the end point of your tail slightly above and outside the natural lash line. Then, with your eyes open and focused forward, draw a line from the tail’s end point down toward the outer corner of the lash line.
3. Next, with the eyes open and focused forward, draw a line from the end of the tail connecting it to the liner on the center of the upper lash line. Continue these strokes until the tail is completely filled in.
4. Finally, draw a line from the inner corner of the upper lash line to the middle of the upper lash line, connecting the two sections.

CC Rating: A+
Yet again, MUFE succeeds! Aqua Liner fulfills all of it’s promises – smudge-resistant, long-wearing and waterproof. What pushes it from “good” to “great” is the applicator. Because it’s so stiff, there are no flubs! Seriously, my liquid liner skills are more than rusty and I didn’t have to fix the line up at all.
As for wear time, I’m thinking I could sleep with this on and wake up with a flawless line. This stuff sets almost immediately and is not coming off! When it came time for bed, I had to soak my eyelids in makeup remover before the Aqua Liner even budged.
The choice of three finishes (Mat, Diamond, and Iridescent) and 16 colors means that the MUFE Aqua Liner is going to suit your needs every single time. The Mat finish was exactly as you would expect. I usually wear a brown liner during the day and added Mat Mocha on top to amp-up my nighttime look. Diamond Multicolor Black was stunning. Once it dries, the rainbow-hued glitter really pops and shimmers so much that it almost looks wet. I can’t wait to wear it the next time I go out dancing!
If you’re heading out for a night of sweaty clubbing or just need an all-day liner for a wedding, you should take a look!
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