The Kentucky Derby: It’s All About the Crazy Ass Hats

So not only does this weekend mark Mother’s Day (you’re welcome for the reminder – now go order yo mama some flowers!), but it’s also the Kentucky Derby. Not gonna lie, a very deep part of my soul wants to experience the Kentucky Derby in all its bluegrass, Mint Julep, and sweet horse sweat glory.

And, of course, I really want to wear a big ass hat.

I have this theory about Derby hats.  I mean, have you ever had a mint julep?  It’s like the old man’s version of a Long Island.  With that kind of sauce slipping down through your veins, you pretty much have to find a giant hat to cover your booze blush and wiggly buzzed eyes. And with that in mind, how many cocktails do you think these ridonkulous peeps tossed back? (On second thought, they might have had a few Juleps before they made the purchase….)

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