10 Signs it's Finals Week

Finals Week…just saying it makes me want to run screaming for the hills. Or at least hide under my bed (with a box of Girl Scout cookies) until they are over. Long nights of studying a semester’s worth of material, writing last-minute essays (why do we always wait until the very last possible second to start those 10-page research papers?), and, of course, stressing over your grades to make sure you get the A that you want (or at least pass).
Cue the anxiety.
For the most part, every campus shows the same signs that students have entered into this week-long stretch of hell. From the clothing, to the frantic pacing back and forth, to the agitated sighs reverberating through the library, it’s pretty apparent when we’re in the midst of it. Now it’s just counting down the minutes until the student next to you in the ‘brary has a mental breakdown so they’ll leave and you can use their chair as a foot rest.
Not sure if Finals Week has started on your campus? You’ve got major problems, girlfriend. Seriously, don’t you have a syllabus?? Anyways, here are 10 signs it’s finals time on campus.

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Feliz Cinco De Mayo! Let's Celebrate Right
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