Feliz Cinco De Mayo! Let's Celebrate Right

"No puedo sentir mis pies" -- I can't feel my feet.

Ah, Cinco De Mayo.  A grand holiday that brings to mind sombreros, margaritas, awkward family encounters with my cousin’s salsa band… no one?  Just me?  Okay then…
This prestigious holiday marks the warding off of the French from Mexico, and is usually celebrated with parades, etc.  Unless you are a college student; then it’s celebrated by waking up May 6th covered in confetti, wearing a sombrero, and clutching a kazoo.
You may think you’re honoring Mexico’s history with a few too many shots of tequila, but if you wanna celebrate this holiday right, it’s time to embrace Cinco De Mayo full force. And that means speaking its native tongue. So here’s a little Spanish guide with all with the essential phrases you’ll need for this joyous holiday.
Feliz Cinco De Mayo!

Margarita on the rocks please! = Margarita con hielo, por favor!
You come here often? = ¿Vienes aqui frequentamente?
Has anyone seen my wallet? = ¿Alguien ha vista mi billete?
My pants appear to have gone missing. =  Mis pantalones parecen a ser desparecio…
How did I get this sombrero? = ¿Como consigui esto sombrero?
That guy over there is cute. = El chico alla es guapo.
…Just kidding, did not see his face. = Solo en broma, no vi su cara.
Maybe four tequila shots is too many. = Quizas cuatro chupitos de tequila son demasiados.
Is the room spinning? = ¿Es la sala girado?
Wait, is there tequila in these margaritas? = Espera, hay tequila en estas margaritas?
How did I end up here? = ¿Como he llegado hasta aqui?

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