Your Welcome-to-Summer-Break Pre-Party Playlist

As much as I love the last day of classes every school year, I’ll be honest: summer sorta stresses me out. I just never really know what the break will bring. I always worry how painful my summer job or internship might be, if I’ll have to awkwardly hang out with my old high school “friends,” and, of course, there’s always the strong possibility that my parents will drive me absolutely crazy. On the flip side, there’s also always the chance of hot summer hookups, barbecues and crazy summer nights.
Despite all that’s unknown, though, the one thing that’s for sure is we’ll have a great new selection of music to listen to, no matter what pool or beach we find ourselves at, presumably shivering, this month.
You might find this month’s playlist to be pretty random compared to some of my others – mainly because I just wholeheartedly disapprove of most of the songs that are being played on the radio right now. (Like, J-Lo… really? People can still manage to take her seriously? I know age is just a number, but she’s 41, people! Let’s be real for a second. Singers can’t be coming out with “songs for the club” when they’re in their forties. With kids. Except maybe Madonna…).
But anyway, try to be open-minded about this one. There will probably be a bunch of artists you’ve never heard before, like Shawty Lo, Medina and Mochi Beats. But of course, as always, I threw in some more easily recognizable stuff, like a killer remix of Ke$ha’s, “Blow,” and Mike Posner’s “Bow Chicka Wow Wow” — which definitely belong on the list of this past semester’s anthems. You’ll also find other huge names on there like Kanye, Pretty Lights, Nicki Minaj, Drake and Lupe Fiasco. Because we all know a pre-party isn’t a pre-party without those fools.
So let’s kick summer break off right with this rocktastic playlist that’s perfect for both poolside and keep-me-awake-in-my-cubicle jam sessions. Get your party on here.

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