Friday Faves: Hands Off My Closet, Dude

[After four years of writing in our undies, we’ve accumulated a lot of great content on CollegeCandy. I realized this when I was reading the site the other night….also in my undies. So many awesome posts get forgotten, so we decided it was time to bring ’em back. So kick off your pants, kick up your feet and enjoy.]
I love dudes. Straight up, dudes are amazing with their tallness and deep voices and facial hair and whatnot. I even like their ability to eat astounding amounts of food and their random, dorky humor. There are so many awesome things about guys that girls in general just don’t have.
However, there are some things that girls have that guys should just stay away from. These things mostly exist in the realm of fashion (and make-up, but we won’t go there because dudes should not wear make-up, period. We’re talking to you, Adam Lambert). Here is the list of the most heinous fashion crimes committed by the male population.

Get it? Got it? Good. Want some more? Don’t worry, there are plenty more faves where this came from.

Candy Dish: Hopefully It Works
Candy Dish: Hopefully It Works
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