How to Relax When Everyone is Freaking Out About Finals

I will be the first to admit that it is hard for me to relax during finals, especially when everyone around me is freaking out. The weeks leading up to finals are basically the worst time of the year, especially during spring term. Summer is staring us all in the face, but we have mountains of projects, papers, reading, and random homework to do before we can throw on our favorite cut off shorts and sit by a lake for three months straight.
But girls, don’t let that get you down. There are lots of ways to relax when everyone you know is having a minor brain aneurysm.
1. Indulge.
I don’t know about you guys, but when articles tell me to “eat healthy snacks!” when I’m stressed, I just want to punch the writer in the face. You don’t know me. When I’m writing a 15-page history paper at 3am in the library, you know what I don’t want? A carrot stick. However, I will take an entire pizza and a chocolate milkshake, thanks. All I’m saying is: if eating a whole thing of Kraft mac’n’cheese and a plate of cookies is going to make you feel good for at least at hour, do it… just so you don’t strangle that girl next to you in the computer lab. (How to make your favorite unhealthy foods healthy)
2. Sweat it out.
You might be lacking on time to eat, time to sleep, and time to finish that project you’ve been procrastinating doing for two weeks…but make some time to sweat out your frustration. Go for a run, do some yoga, find a sweet kickboxing video and punch the air. Trust me, you’ll thank me when you remain calm when someone reminds you that your big paper is due in a week. (This will also burn of all those calories that you consume from indulging.)
3. Get away from people.
Last year, I was sitting in the library when suddenly the girl next to me broke down into tears and started sobbing to me about how everything was going wrong!! It was truly startling. So, firstly, please don’t be that girl, it is super awkward. And secondly, if you start notice people around you looking like they might just start trying to have a heart to heart with you while they cry, get out. Don’t let others stress you out more than necessary. (Meet the other 7 people you’ll meet in the library)
4. Facebook is not the enemy.
Are you one of those people who does homework for 10 minutes, then checks Facebook, then another 10 minutes, then…? Obviously, not a practice that is very conducive to studying or getting much done, but I actually totally support it. Why? Personally, I get totally burnt out when I’m studying and I have nothing else to do. I end up just staring blankly at the page for three hours, which is also not conducive to getting much done. So if checking Facebook, or Twitter, or CollegeCandy, every 10 minutes keeps you working, then do it.
5. Have one fun night with your friends.
Your besties might be freaking out about having multiple papers due during the week, but you know what will make you all feel better and more motivated? Having a little fun. It doesn’t have to be the whole night or even more than two hours. Lure them away from their books and laptops, ply them with candy, and watch your favorite movie (my personal favorite during finals week is always “Love Actually” – c’mon, it’s got Hugh Grant!). Even if they leave about 30 minutes, that is 30 minutes of calm they have had in a day, or an entire week, of freaking out. They will thank you for it — and it will prevent them from further stressing you out with their stress.
6. Pamper yourself.
Seriously. There is nothing better than spending a night holed up in your room, watching your favorite TV show (my favorite is Grey’s Anatomy), and painting your toenails, eating your favorite snack, and ignoring the chaos that is erupting on campus in the library. Turn off your phone and veg out in your DIY dorm room spa, completely removed from the stress test tube environment of college.
Girls, finals week is hard. It is a ridiculous time of year defined by random breakdowns and deep regret regarding procrastination. But it doesn’t have to completely ruin your sanity. Do what you need to do to stay sane, happy, and healthy. These are just a few suggestions – I’m sure there are a ton more. What do you do to stay sane during finals week?

Candy Dish: Campus Scoop
Candy Dish: Campus Scoop
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