Current Events Cheat Sheet: Our Education System is Broken

Unsurprisingly, most of the news of the week remained focused on Osama bin Laden’s death. More details arose about the successful Navy SEAL mission, called “Operation Geronimo,” that took down the terrorist mastermind at his secret compound in Pakistan. For instance, Pres. Obama’s approval rating jumped 9 points (which is a lot) after bin Laden’s death. Also, a bomb-sniffing dog was apparently a key part of the take-down Osama team. The pentagon is tight-lipped about the identity of said-dog…wouldn’t want the fame to go to his head? The White House also decided not to release pictures of the deceased terrorist, raising suspicions in many-a-conspiracy-theorists’ mind. Al-Qaeda , though, did confirm his death.

National test results released this week revealed that (shocker) American students lack civic knowledge. Only 24% of seniors scored “proficient” in civic knowledge. I’m not sure how I would have done on the test, but I do know the purpose of The Bill of Rights, which fewer than half of eighth graders could repeat. Another stat: three-quarters of high school seniors did not know any of the powers granted to Congress in the Constitution. Sandra Day O’Connor, a pretty bomb female US Supreme Court Justice, responded to the results, saying that “we have neglected civic education for the past several decades, and the results are predictably dismal.”

In an even more disturbing study released this week, almost half of Detroit’s adult residents were found to be ‘functionally illiterate.’ To be more exact, 47% of the city can’t perform regular tasks of ordinary life, like reading nutrition labels or road signs or filling out forms. To make matters even worse, the city provides little resources to help citizens learn these necessary skills. I’m curious, if anyone is from the area, is this a problem you’re aware of?

Picture of the Week:

Flooding along the Mississippi River has caused thousands to evacuate the city of Memphis, and waters are expected to continue to rise to a record-breaking peak on Wednesday.

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