The Weekly Ten: Your Favorite Childhood Toys

Maybe it’s because I’m graduating soon or maybe because I’ve been watching too many Dawson’s Creek reruns or maybe it’s because I spend too much time around my younger cousins, but lately I’ve been feeling a bit nostalgic. And not in the “oh remember freshman year-that was so much fun” sort of way. But in the “oh, remember back before cell phones and DVRs and the second rise of skinny jeans” sort of way. And speaking of way back when, remember when we wore scrunchies in our hair and waited for Friday night because that’s when TGIF was on? Remember when all we wanted to do was stay home from school to play with our favorite toys?

10. Beanie Babies.  It had to get a mentioned. I mean, what girl didn’t have a Beanie Baby (or 40) back in the day? With their little TY tags that told you their name and had a little rhyme about them. They had everything from turkeys to bears to penguins to French poodles. And I wanted them all….and still have ’em all.

9. Tamagotchi. Not only did our generation pave the way for obsession with electronic toys, but we also learned responsibility as well. Our Tamagotchi’s and nano babies and all those other electronic pets had to be fed and played with and taken care of on a regular basis. It was like we did the whole “pretend this egg is a baby” thing years in advance.

8. Easy Bake Oven. Easily the childhood toy with the biggest reward. Because after we went through the very difficult process of baking and decorating our cupcakes and our cookies we were able to eat them. Raw dough. Mmm. Delicious.

7. Furby. Looking back this is probably one of the creepiest toys I had as a child. What exactly was Furby? An animal? A rodent? An alien? Is that why it started out speaking “furbish” and eventually learned English? Oh Furby, you’re so smart.

6.  Dream Phone. Who, who, who has a crush on you? I use to get so into this game. Like there actually was some mystery guy on the other end of that electronic phone just waiting for me to find out if he was at the movies or the beach. Too bad this doesn’t work in real life. It would make things so much simpler.

5. Polly Pocket. This toy still exists today, but the art of playing with Polly Pocket is lost on today’s youth. I mean have you seen the size of today’s Polly Pockets? She would barely even fit in my pocket! Back in the day Polly really was a teeny, tiny doll with her own teeny, tiny village, and really cute curly hair. These days, I believe she’s followed the trend and straightened it. She actually kind of looks more like Barbie

4. Pretty Pretty Princess. Really, all there was to this board game was the accumulation of pretty jewelry, and eventually, if you were lucky, the crown. But I was obsessed with it, and so were so many of my friends. Sigh. It would be nice to feel like a princess again.

3. Littlest Pet Shop. Our generation really did have a thing for miniature toys, didn’t we? Well, it’s not our fault; really, who could resist tiny little bets with cute pet shop names and heads that wobbled back and forth? These still exist too, by the way. But they are not nearly as cute.

2. Kitchen Littles. The only time I was ever really interested in cooking was when I was playing with my Kitchen Littles. From popping the popcorn to making ice cream shakes to frying bacon and eggs it all seemed way more exciting when the food was fake and tiny. My favorite part? That would be organizing and setting up the kitchen. I was such a neat freak even then.

1. Cabbage Catch Kids. I used to love these dolls when I was little because they came with an actual birth certificate, and they had that great hair to play with and the cutest outfits to change them into. I took my Cabbage Patch Kid everywhere. Even on vacation with us. She had her own luggage and everything. No lies.

Alright ladies, let’s get our nostalgia on. What are you favorite childhood toys?

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