We Gotta Know: Is Russell Brand Hot or Not?

There are about a million of celebrities we would like to see in their underwear. And don’t get all, “ugh, you guys are gross and objectifying men” because you know you’re drooling on your keyboard right now just picturing Collin Egglesfield in a pair of boxer briefs. It’s OK, I am too. [Wipes mouth.]

But of all the celebrities we would want to see strip it down, we got stuck with Russell Brand. And home boy isn’t even sporting some Michael Jordan Hanes.

He’s rocking the tighty whitey look. Outside. Spread eagle. Checking his texts.

There is so much wrong with that statement that I’m not even sure where to begin.

And it doesn’t help that Mr. Perry is in one of those awkward files. You know, the pile of celebrities we just can’t decide whether they are attractive or not. Like, he’s got some nice features (his eyes are nice, his teeth are straight and he’s got the skinny thighs so many girls dream about), but is he sexy or scary? Is he hot or not? And would he be as hot without eyeliner the gorgeous Katy Perry on his arm?

Look, it’s Monday and these are the things I think about, OK? I mean, it’s either this or my History final, and in the grand scheme of things, I’d rather think about Russell Brand in his undies than what happened in 1896.

So what do you guys think? Is Russell Brand a tightie whitey wearing hottie?

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