8 Under $20: Rompers

When rompers first hit runways and stores a few seasons ago, I was pretty skeptical — I wasn’t so sure anyone with any sort of shape could ever pull them off this particular fashion staple from our parents’ days needed a comeback. But they’ve had some pretty good staying power this time around, and I’m starting to think I might have judged rompers too quickly.
For starters, they do seem like the perfect clothing item for summer! Rompers are a complete outfit in just one piece of clothing, they don’t require finding a matching top, and they transition from day to night with just a few simple accessory swaps. It’s like they’re made for those lazy summer days.
I just might have to give rompers a chance after all! And with so many cute rompers available at affordable prices (like all of these, which are just $20 or less each), there’s really no excuse not to!

Summer School: Do or Don't?
Summer School: Do or Don't?
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