Sex in the News: Sex on the Brain?

Whatcha thinkin' about, bro?

Have you ever tried to explain to your boyfriend how tragic Brad and Emily’s break up is or how freaking awesome this season’s wedges are when you realize… he isn’t listening to a word you are saying?  Sure, he is looking right at you (and that’s a start), and he’s nodding and reacting, but you know, his mind is totally elsewhere.
Great. He is probably thinking about sex again.
Well, maybe not. I mean, yes, chances are he is probably not thinking about the wedges, but he may not be thinking about sex either.
According to Live Science Journal, men think about food and sleep more than they think about sex. This means that chances are he is contemplating lunch or an afternoon nap more often than the various positions of Kama Sutra. On average, men were found to think about sex slightly more than once every waking hour. This averaged to about 18 times a day, but varied significantly between the studied participants. More notably, however, is that men were found to think about food and sleep proportionately more than that.
Terri Fisher, the study researcher from Ohio State University, concluded, “there was nothing special about sexual thoughts… Males thought more about any of the health-related thoughts compared to females, not just thoughts about sex.” In other words, even though your boyfriend’s blank stare means that he isn’t listening, chances are he is wondering about what pizza toppings he should get more than how the busty waitress would look naked. (Phew).

He Said/She Said: Explaining Women
He Said/She Said: Explaining Women
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