8 Soon-To-Be Hollywood Babies I Want to Be

How can you be jealous of someone who hasn’t even entered this world yet? Well, it’s not hard when they have a shot at the genes of some of the most talented, good looking looking and successful celebrities of Hollywood. I’m even giving the stink eye to the spawn of Mariah and Nick Cannon; they’ve got a shot at Mariah’s talented vocals and good looks and, well, Nick Cannon’s, um..well, I’m sure he brings something to the relationship.
With the baby boom hitting Hollywood hard, it’s getting pretty difficult to ignore it. Although NBC is doing their darndest by covering stomachs with big purses and over sized flannel shirts. Good work, execs. Though it’s not their fault their stars are getting a little freaky when the cameras are off. At least I hope the cameras are off.
Back to the point: How great would it be to be a celebu-spawn! I mean, minus the instant paparazzi you’ll attract and the unrealistic expectations the world will have for you. But beyond that, the loving family, the gene pool, the endless funds, the connections…did I mention the gene pool? It seems almost too good to be true, which is why I’m green with envy for these soon-to-be Hollywood babies.

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