Are Drunk Babysitters the Answer to Binge Drinking on College Campuses?

Look, we all know that drunken stupidity is a problem on college campuses. And we all know that Universities are at risk of being held responsible if something were to go horribly wrong. So it makes sense that schools are constantly coming up with new ways to combat the binge drinking. Except some of their ideas are less than stellar.

The latest “brilliant” plan?

“Student carers,” AKA, sober monitors at The University of Cambridge. Basically, the university will be paying students over $100 a night to babysit a drunk student. You know, kind of like how your friends usually take care of you. Except you don’t get fined for being drunk (unless you consider waking up to find some horribly embarrassing drunk texts to be a fine), or have a stranger holding back your hair and judging you while you puke up the fried Oreos you ate because it seemed like a good idea at the time.

It sounds absurd because it is absurd.

We all get that drunk college kids are rowdy and downright obnoxious, but what is some sober sally going to do about it? Stroke their hair until they fall asleep? Force a water bottle and pieces of bread down their throat? What good would that do?

Although it would make for an epic reality TV show, it’s just not right. Not only are college students legal adults who can and should be able to take care of themselves, but this new “scheme” is taking the responsibility off the people who should be looking out for their friends! Now they’re free to – what? – go out and get even more hammered because the too-drunk kid is taken care of? Everyone knows the rule: you come in together you leave together. It’s not: you go in together, I call a babysitter when you get too drunk, then I go home with the hottie from our social science class.

If the University of Cambridge has such a problem with binge drinking, maybe they should try to prevent the cause instead of trying to clean up the effects.

So tell us what you guys think: could this work? Would you want to be a Student Carer? Would you want to be cared for by one?

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