5 Bloggers Changing the Face of Fashion

We no longer live in a world of fashion designers and magazine editors. With the growth of the Internet and free blogging platforms, girls and boys from all corners of the globe are becoming fashion icons. Sure, Coco Chanel and Marc Jacobs and Betsey Johnson still make any fashion-savvy individual swoon, but these days it’s the random bloggers who are influencing style and changing the face of fashion. And even designers and magazine editors are seeing this shift in power and acting on it.
Bloggers, once considered to be wannabe fashionistas, are now being treated like celebrities by editors — they’re included in big editorials and even interviewed for features.  What does all this mean for the average college girl? Well for one, fashion is increasingly becoming more about individual style and less about what’s ‘in style.’ It also means that if you’ve got a passion for fashion and an Internet connection, no matter who you are, you could be the next person influencing style worldwide!
Here are five bloggers who have helped change the face of fashion simply by showing their own individual faces! What’s great about these bloggers is that they make fashion close up and personal. These are all real girls who express their individualism through one of the greatest mediums — fashion. Enjoy!

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