Google Teaches Us How Not to Seduce a Man

In college, it’s pretty easy to find a guy. They’re always just there. Sitting next to you in class. Playing catch (shirtless) on the grass. Staring at you from across the bar. (Hopefully) buying you drinks. So as college girls, we have lots of options, but knowing that we have those options and knowing how to act on them are two very different things.
When it really comes down to it a lot of women, myself included, really don’t know how to go about catching the eye of that guy who has caught their interest. And after doing some research (for this post, not for my own use…I swear) I’m really not all that surprised. Because the advice that’s out there for women, it’s really, really frightening. But lucky for us, it’s also entertaining. And lucky for you, I’ve pulled some of the more ridiculous tidbits to share with you ladies.
Okay, here goes. This is what shows up when one googles “how to seduce a guy”:
From Wikihow
“Wear a light attractive scent. This means layering scents. Bathe in scented bath oils first. Then apply a light powder in the same scent. Finally spray the same scented perfume in front of you and walk into the mist. Do this about 45 minutes before you see him. ”  
45 minutes on bathing oils and perfume? Are these people serious? I’m a college student. I barely have 45 minutes to sleep!
“Make him feel like you really want him, but are “holding back” for one reason or another. WARNING: Some guys don’t like playing games so if you play hard to get a little too well it may work against you.. “
So play hard to get. But if you play hard to get then he might be hard to get. Right. That clears it up.
“Ask him to teach you about one of his interests. Ask him to do something for you that’s easier for him to do that for you to do. Show him that you value his knowledge, talents, and willingness to help.”
Stroke the precious male ego, got it. Thanks
From Glamour
“Ask him to shop for a fantasy item he wants you to wear, then, to really knock his socks off, surprise him by having it on when he least expects it. Pull up your skirt a few inches to reveal a garter and stockings while you’re sitting together at a restaurant.”
Dress up like a French maid and then wear the costume to dinner. Yes. That’s totally appropriate.
“Remember that gorgeous woman he stared at on the street or the actress in that movie he couldn’t stop talking about? …Use her as inspiration for a makeover and show up to your guy’s house like you’re that same intriguing, tempting stranger. Act confident and playful and, most important, dress in a way that you normally don’t. Swap your skinny jeans for something that shows a little leg, wear some new makeup shades, take down your ponytail” 
So don’t be you, be that hot, airbrushed, Angelina Jolie wannabe your guy couldn’t stop staring at the entire time you were watching that movie last night. Make yourself up in uncomfortable clothes and shoes that hurt you feet and pretend to be someone you’re not. That will give you confidence!
From E-How
“Be ALL woman… except for a few masculine traits. To seduce a man, dress like a woman. Act like a woman. Walk like a woman (yeah girl, strut your stuff!). Learn how to dance… seductive dance especially. Have a soothing, soft, throaty tone to your voice. Not really high-pitched (girly) voice, but a suggestive, feminine one. Then, when you’re all woman-like, play up your masculine trait(s).”
I’m sorry but what does that even mean. And how exactly does one define masculine traits. I can’t figure that one out. I’m still trying to find my throaty, suggestive feminine but not really girly voice.
Have fun all the time and enjoy your life! Men want to be taken away from their problems. Do not BE the problem. Be so thrilled with life that you radiate excitement and energy. 
You hear that, girls? Don’t be the problem. Be happy. Be thrilled with life. Be smiley and fun and radiate excitement and energy as if the sun shines out of you…
Okay that’s enough of their terrible advice. I think it’s time for some better advice, don’t you? That’s where you girls come in. Tell us, how do you catch a guy’s attention, get him to notice you? Leave us a comment and let us know. (Just as long as your advice doesn’t involve bathing in perfume or radiating excitement…)

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