Jenelle Evans Heads to Rehab, We Reevaluate MTV

And the latest in completely expected and not at all shocking news? Teen Mom ‘s Jenelle Evans headed to rehab this week (read all about it here) to get away from all the stress of her life and learn how to cope.  Not that she doesn’t have anything she’s rehabilitating from, that is. Her trip to rehab comes right after Evans pleaded guilty to possession of drug paraphernalia, but apparently Evans has been clean for weeks now and just needs some time to get her priorities in order.
If anyone has ever seen an episode of Teen Mom, it’s probably no surprise that Evans ended up in rehab. The girl couldn’t stop partying to take care of her own kid, got arrested with drugs on her and stole from her mom to take a road trip with her freeloading boyfriend. But with this latest development in an ongoing saga of reality shows gone wrong we couldn’t help but think back to a question we posed not too long ago: Should MTV be doing More for Their Teen Moms?
When watching reality TV, I think we  can sometimes forget that we’re actually watching reality, or at least some version of it. These are people whose lives continue on even after the cameras stop rolling, and often we don’t stop to think about what happens once the screen fades to black. Chuck Bass can drink all he wants, because at the end of the day he’s a fictional character. The same cannot be said for Jenelle Evans. Or for any of the other teen moms whose lives we watch unfold like soap operas.
But these girls are no Lindsay Lohan. They’re young mothers struggling with trying to raise a child when they haven’t even fully grown up yet. They’re dealing with self destructive tendencies, anger issues, and alcohol and drug abuse, and that shouldn’t be taken lightly. By the viewers or by the networks.
What do you think, ladies? Is Jenelle’s stint in celebrity rehab a step in the right direction? Or should MTV be stepping in to offer their own support, maybe focus the show more on helping these girls rather than watching their lives self destruct? Or is it solely their responsibility to get their lives together? Leave a comment and let us know!

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