Single Girl Society: Summer and Single Go Hand In Hand

Lesson 23: Summer and Single Go Hand in Hand
There’s nothing like finals time to stress you out enough to make you forget that your last few dates were total flops. Caught up in the chaos of studying for a cumulative exam created by the most cruel of professors, there is a sigh of relief in knowing that your single life is the last thing on your mind, if only for a week. But what’s a girl to do with a suddenly cleared up summer schedule and no summer romance lined up?
First things first, do what makes you happy. This isn’t the summer before your senior year in high school when all you and your girlfriends did all summer was hang out at the skate park watching the same lame guys from school hook ollies and talk about the NBA playoffs. In college, so much of our school year is spent doing things for others – sororities, your loser ex-boyfriend, professors who refuse to acknowledge that their class isn’t the only one you’re taking – but the summer is the one time that is truly ours to do whatever we want. The best thing you can do for the three months of sweet respite before fall and it’s accompanying stresses barge back into your life is take this time for yourself and make it your own.
In true Single Girl Society fashion, to make your summer truly your own, you’ve got to give up the notion of securing a summer romance the way pretty much every Freddie Prinze Jr. movie taught us to do. The whole whimsy and appeal behind a summer romance is that it’s slightly unexpected and how exactly do you plan to achieve that if you’re using your potential suitors’ Facebook statuses to decide who’ll be where this summer? Summer romances are great, but planning them (when you probably should be using that time for yourself instead) doesn’t make them a reality. So why waste all that time on somebody you could potentially love when you could be spending it on a life you really love?
If you’re leaving town this summer, make the most of it. Throw yourself in a completely new environment and soak it up! If you’re planning on picking up a summer job, pick something you don’t normally go for. Always been the girl with a retail job?  Try waitressing instead this summer. Yeah, you could hate it, but then again you could meet some really great new friends and end up loving it. In order to give yourself a chance this summer, don’t be afraid to branch out past your comfort zone. The best part? Even if you’re going back to your hometown for the summer, you don’t have to stray too far to get out of your comfort zone; simply pick up a job or volunteer work someplace new to you.
If you’ve got the means to travel this summer, whether it’s around your hometown or across the world, take advantage of your free time with friends and a little help from sites like Groupon and Living Social, or ride solo and fully submerge yourself in someplace new. By switching things up this summer, you’re opening the doors, not just to new friends or a summer romance, but to the parts of yourself you haven’t discovered yet.
Being single can get pretty boring if you don’t allow yourself to experience a change every once in a while. In college, summer is the perfect time to shake things up. Summer is the perfect time to remind yourself that being single is not a rut between boyfriends, it’s a chance for your to realize that being single means total freedom to try to become someone new, whether you’re just changing your go-to pedicure color or your entire outlook on life.
Got it? Feel empowered? Good. Now get the first 22 rules of the Single Girl Society right here.

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