The Best Places to Shop… Online!

Facebook. Twitter. Urban Outfitters.
These three websites are, hands down, the most clicked bookmarks on my Safari page. Like most people, I have my allotted time throughout the day where I routinely check my Facebook News Feed and update my Twitter. It is almost automatic that I then click to Urban and check out what’s new on sale. And then buy it all. Woops?
Online shopping has become almost a hobby as it is almost too convenient to scroll through an entire store, easily click the size you want for a cute shirt and have it shipped in a few days. Yet in a world where there’s an unlimited amount of online stores to shop at, how do you know which ones to skip over and which ones are worth looking at? Leave it to me to tell you the websites with the best sales, free shipping, and cutest clothes!
Behold: the holy grail of online shopping.

If you’re a committed shopper like myself, these websites will change the way you shop forever. You won’t regret reading this…or signing up for those annoying mailing lists (which WON’T be annoying with all those sales you’ll hear about.)
Happy shopping!

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