Diane Farr’s Top Ten List of Things to Know When Dating Outside of Your Race

Diane Farr has had her fair share of life experience. From starring in Showtime’s Californication to CBS’s NUMB3RS Farr is known for being an accomplished actress, but now Farr can add accomplished author to her resume as well. In her two published books, The Girl Code and Kissing Outside the Lines, and her third, Shades of America, on the way, Diane delves into the world of dating, dealing with issues that go far beyond is he or isn’t he interested in me.

Because when we think about dating that’s what we all think about, isn’t it? The cute meet. The crush. The will they or won’t they. The first date. After that, if we ever get passed that, it all seems like it’s smooth sailing. But that’s not always the case. Especially for women who end up dating someone outside of their race.

Farr draws on her own experiences with interracial dating and the difficulties that can arise with these complicated situations. She discusses her experience, as well as her marriage and her children, and offers some pretty helpful advice along the way.

Want a sneak peak? Check out her list dos and don’ts for dating outside your own race.

DON’T let other people define your relationship for you – for better or worse. Other people’s feelings are not facts.

DO take the time to enjoy and maybe even admire any new slice of American culture you might learn from someone of a different cultural background. Be that foods, holidays, favorite books or anything else that’s new to you.

DON’T forget that no matter where in the country you grew up, we are all American – and share this culture – and can revere how much we have in common as well as explore our differences.

If your relationship is new, DON’T be pushing for a meeting with their family right off the bat.  Some families may require extra time before meeting a suitor.

If your relationship is established and you still haven’t met one family- DO start talking about why not.  Talking, to each other, is the best remedy for one set of disapproving parents.

DO keep in mind that people get mad and say all kinds of things about their own mother or father – but no one wants to hear someone else talk sh*t about their parents.

If problems arise with friends or family who are not quite up to speed with your relationship, think about the long term.  DON’T fight every small battle but rather, lead the charge by the example of your solid relationship.

DON’T let any one issue define your love story – particularly race.  Even if other people see this as the headline, it doesn’t mean you have to.

DO know that every couple has things that make them different from each other. These differences can be celebrated or feared – make a conscious choice of which you want to embrace for the long haul.

DO know, that odds are, you would make some bee-u-tiful babies.

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