5 Easy Ways To Update Your Summer Look (Without Emptying Your Wallet)

Summer season is almost upon us! While everyone else is going crazy at the gym, doing celery diets, and blowing their budget on summer dresses, we’re just chilling out and getting ready to enjoy the sun. Who needs to be hungry and sweaty all the time when you can get ready for the season with our 5 simple summer secrets:
1. Brighten your smile. After countless cups of coffee during the week and maybe, possibly, one too many vodka cranberries last Saturday night, your teeth are in dire need of a boost. Due to the fact that I was cursed with braces in high school, I became increasingly self-aware of how my teeth look at all times. Yes, you can go ahead and laugh at me as I turn to my friend and ask her to do a “teeth check” with me. But here’s the thing, a whiter smile gets you noticed. In the winter, your skin is paler and dry from the cold and lack of sunshine, so not having your whitest smile is not as noticeable. But in the summer, having white teeth against tanned skin can make all the difference.
My whitening mechanism of choice: Crest White Strips. They are cheap in comparison to professional whitening AND they work!
2. Tame your brows. And flashback to when I was 10 and being made fun of because I had a unibrow…awesome. Good thing my mom taught me well at a young age! Having too much eyebrow hair in between and on your brows gives off a messy look, especially for those of us with darker hair (ehhemm, me!). The best part about summer, besides not having class, is being able to hit the pool. I’ll be the first to tell you the boys don’t come running if you get out of the water and your eyebrow hair is slicked down to your face. Trust me. Having sculpted brows can make all the difference in how you look. Whether you’re into thicker, thinner or high-arched eyebrows, it’s time to get you to a waxing salon or save your money and give yourself some bangin’ brows.
3. Be bronzed without the sun! Want a “summer glow?” And want it without having to bake in the sun to get it. Use bronzer! (Tarte’s got an amazing water-proof one!) This glorious shimmery powder is the perfect addition to your makeup bag for summer. Winter makeup is all about paler skin and rosy cheeks, while summer screams tan, toned, and glistening. All you’ve got to do is grab a makeup brush, dab a bit of bronzer onto the brush, and dust it over your chest and face. On the face, dust over the apples of your cheeks, the tip of your nose and lightly on your forehead and chin. Make sure you apply the bronzer after you’ve put on your foundation or powder. As for the chest, brush a dash of bronzer over the middle and ovals of your cleavage. This makes for an even “glow” and accentuates your bust. With all of the self-tanners and makeup options out there, everyone can have a summer glow without ever stepping foot in the sun!
My bronzer of choice: BareMinerals Healthy Radiance Bronzer because it gives skin a nice youthful glow and looks great on paler skin, too.
4. Chop off your split ends. So you’re sitting in class behind a girl with brown hair and what’s that you see? Wait, why is her hair white at the ends? Oh yes, it’s the ever-popular, dried out, color treated, over-flat-ironed and heat damaged split ends. And chances are, you’ve got ’em too. So before you dip yourself into a chlorine-filled pool that’s sure to cause even more breakage, do something for yourself  and cut those split ends off. It doesn’t matter if you’re blonde, brunette or a redhead, split ends happen to everyone. I know haircuts can be expensive, so ask around for student discounts or hit up a cheap haircut salon if you’re saving for that summer vacay. A trim isn’t drastic, it’s just enough to leave your hair looking vibrant and healthy again.
5. Add some COLOR to your nails. Winter’s bitter cold has left your nails cracked, drab, and frail. It’s time to take matters into your own hands! Literally. Summer nail polish is finally here! From this season’s rich pinks and bright neons to cheetah and checkered patterns, summer is the time to test out the latest polishes. Bubbly colors make even the pastiest skin pop AND they look amazing against tanned skin, too! Having my nails painted is an instant way to make me feel feminine and clean, not to mention giving yourself the perfect at-home manicure is a great excuse for a study break.
My summer color of choice: Wet ‘n Wild Megalast Nail Color “Through the Grapevine” (Just $1.99!).
With easy fixes like this, who needs to waste money on a new summer wardrobe??

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