The Weekly Ten: Crazy Cliffhangers

It’s official. It’s summertime.
Okay, so I know that technically it’s not officially summertime, that’s not until sometime in June, but for us college girls classes are over, finals are done, and summer is in session. And there’s lots of reasons to be happy about that (like the three bs: beaches, bikinis, and boys), but there are also a few downsides to the start of summer. Like the end of good TV, and the return of really, really bad reality TV. (Speaking of, when does Bachelor Pad start anyway?)
But at least they go out on a high note, you know? Those season finale cliffhangers are a killer, but they also make the show memorable and make sure we keep thinking about their show even when it’s not on. And it works. In fact, I’m still thinking about a few of my favorites.
10. Sex and the City Season Four. After one last perfect New York City night Carrie and Mr. Big part ways, with Mr. Big planning to move to Napa California, and Miranda gives birth to her baby. It’s the end of an era for these ladies, and it was for me too. Where would Sex and the City be without Mr. Big?
9. The OC Season Two. Just when we think Ryan and Marissa are finally going to get it together it all gets shot to hell. Literally. By Marissa herself. She didn’t mean to, though. She was just trying to save Ryan. But will that save Marissa Cooper from doing the time for her crime? Only time would tell.
8. Felicity Season One.  Felicity. Remember when we all thought college was going to be like that? Finishing out our freshman year by trying to decide between two great guys: Noel or Ben? The questioned haunted us the entire summer. Oh, to be that cab driver. The guy with all the answers.
7.  Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Five. Buffy died. Buffy of Buffy the Vampire Slayer died. Before this moment viewers didn’t even think it was possible for someone to die when their name was in the title of the show. Lucky for us it didn’t stick, though.
6. Gossip Girl Season One. Dan and Serena split, and as if that weren’t depressing enough, disaster strikes twice. Minutes after Chuck and Blair finally get their acts together Chuck gets distracted by a leggy blonde and it all goes to hell? Cut to Blair flying off with a cute flight attendant and Chuck returning to his whoring ways. Ugh.
5. Vampire Diaries Season OneDamon almost dies in a fire, but is saved at the last minute thanks to Stephan, Bonnie, and Elena. An emotional wreck, Damon goes to Elena and pours his heart out. The two share a sweet moment and a hot kiss. It’s only then that we find out it wasn’t Elena at all. But Katherine. Damn doppelgangers.
4. Gilmore Girls Season Four. Lorelei and Luke finally get their four years in the making kiss and we’re left to figure out what that means over the summer. But the even bigger cliffhanger? Rory losing her virginity to her married ex-boyfriend and first love, Dean. I know, I was rooting for Jess too.
3.  Friends Season Four. Rachel flies out to London to stop Ross’s wedding, only to realize at the last minute that she couldn’t do that to him. Resigned to loving him from afar Rachel stays for the wedding. Only to hear Ross say her name instead of Emily’s name. Uhoh.
2. Boy Meets World Season Five. What? Did you think that the moment Topanga gave up Yale and proposed to Cory at their high school graduation wouldn’t make the cut? Actually, it was one of the first scenes that came to my mind. Mr. Feeny announced them as the class of 1998 (God, we’re old) but Corny and Topanga remain seated. They were shocked into silence. And so were we.
1. Grey’s Anatomy Season Two. Meredith and Derek reunite for some slutty mistress action in the on call room. Denny dies. And Alex proves his undying devotion to Izzie. The real cliffhanger, though? Meredith standing between McDreamy and McVet unable to make a choice.
What are your favorite season finale cliffhangers? Which finales are you most looking forward to this year? Which one drove you craziest so far?

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