Versatile Style: Topshop Orange Cutaway Halter Dress

The other day I was browsing the Topshop website and came across a dainty little number with so much potential. The Orange Cutaway Halter Dress (yeah, real original name, Topshop), is, like you guessed, an orange, halter-style dress made of flowy chiffon. Besides the knockout color, this dress also features a stunning cutout in the chest area, giving it a sexy ’70s feel and a very thin break in the fabric on the back, which will be evident when you’re moving around. Bottom line: The dress is hot, but leaves something to the imagination! When most people look at this dress, they immediately think “going out,” however, when paired with the right pieces, this dress becomes a super versatile item for both day and night.

Since night is the overtly obvious fit for this dress, I’m going to start there.

Because the color is so punchy, I wanted to make it the center of attention and paired it with a neutral pair of peep toe pumps and clutch. Night time is when you can get away with lots of sparkle and bling, so I suggest adding a dainty, rhinestone-covered headband and big door-knocker earrings, along with lots of bangles and rings. To keep this look from being overwhelmed, keep the jewels in the same tone. I chose silver this time, but gold or bronze would look great too! This look would be great for a semi-formal evening event (graduation dinner, perhaps?) or a cocktail night with your gals.
Now, onto daytime…

To make this dress more daytime-friendly, I was first concerned with the cutout. That’s just too much skin for a walk in the park or a casual lunch, so throw a tank top in an equally bright color on underneath. (This season is all about color blocking!) I chose to stick with a citrus-inspired palette and went for emerald green, but a pink or yellow would look awesome! I also added a cardigan in a soft lemon yellow to cover up the arms and shield from that brisk spring breeze. If the weather happens to be supa dupa hot, skip the cardi. If you want more color, throw a skinny belt on around the cinched waist. Finish off with a pair of woven flats (with that same emerald green!) to keep your tootsies comfy, a straw fedora and a summery tote. Jewels are optional, since this look is already so colorful, but if you feel naked without any, feel free to add some girly bracelets or earrings.
It’s truly that easy. Take a look at any semi-formal dress in your wardrobe and see if you can make it daytime, too! Add layers to cover up, and fun, casual accessories to tone things down a bit. You’ll increase the versatility of your wardrobe and get mucho bang for your buck. Good luck!

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