10 Best Things About a Perfect Spring Day

I have come to the final decision that Thumper was right all along. As soon as spring arrived, he could only think about thumping that big foot of his so all of the animals would hear his mating call.  And I totally get it; spring is here and so are my raging hormones.  Boys and their forearms crawl out of North Faces and down comforter coats…and I can’t get enough.
That’s not all, though. Other things start to happen to my body when spring rears its mighty head.  Suddenly, I feel randomly productive.  I clean everything in my sight.  I wash a dish instead of just shoving it into the dishwasher.  I wash my socks instead of throwing them away because they are stained with feet sweat.  (I’m not kidding, I’m a disgusting person.) Let’s just say when spring comes around, everything falls into place and I feel like a giant firecracker is going to explode in my chest with excitement.
The first day I know it’s spring is usually the best day.  My nostrils flair into the wind, I smell smells I thought only squirrels could detect (i.e. dirt, acorn stubs, wet leaves, ant hills).  My fingers tingle and touch the breeze…oh, and what was that?  Did I just feel a soft blowing wind lift my baby hairs on the back of my neck? Happy sigh.
To say I’m smitten for spring is like saying I’m smitten for self-serve frozen yogurt, and anyone who knows me knows that I put way too many Oreo’s on my soft-serve I’m over the moon for both. And how can anyone not be? Oreo’s are delicious There’s nothing on earth as blissful and perfect as a spring day.
1. The combination of warm sun and a cool breeze: This lovely mixture of weather elements allows me to practice my favorite driving activity (second only to eating Jimmy Johns while merging):  Driving with the windows rolled down and the heat blasting. It’s single-handedly the best thing since pretzel M&M’s and mini backpacks combined.
2. Twitterpated syndrome (thanks Thumper): We all know what this is like.  You see the sun outside your window and you just want to explode into a billion mini candy hearts.  You see a guy wearing those completely sexy basketball shorts under the May sunlight and you want to hug a stranger. You take a sip of your non-fat iced latte and you just want to frolic down the street blowing kisses at everyone you see. The combination of these two will put you in a thick state of Twitterpatedness. Is that word in Urban Dictionary? It should be.
3. Sleeping with the window open: I’m obsessed with this.  Unlike many people, I actually enjoy waking up to birds whispering sweet nothings in my ear.  If I could, I would sleep with my face pressed against the screen so a sweet morning breeze could wake me up naturally come morning.  I’m like Cinderella that way.
4. Community Barbecues: It doesn’t matter if it’s Wednesday, Friday or Sunday.  They all rhyme with Funday and spring makes it perfectly excusable to double fist a Bud Light Lime (I’m a baby) and play ladder golf with a bunch of amazing losers you haven’t seen since last summer.
5. Easy Entertainment: I could sit and be entertained by virtually anything during the springtime.  Seriously, I could people watch for hours sitting outside, and don’t even get me started with how long I could stare at a patch of grass.  Aside from being completely turned on by everything that moves, I’m unusually content during this time of year.
6. Flip-Flops: They are the lazy girl’s savior.  Who needs to have a hernia trying to shove their fat calves into some skinny Jessica Simpson boots?  Not me.  I want to live a pain-free, lazy, flip-flop life.
7. The first trace of sunburn: A spring sunburn usually lasts about an hour, but it’s the best thing EVER.  After sitting outside in the quad with your girlfriends drinking screwdrivers from a Nalgene, you can proudly prance back into your dorm, touch your shoulders and tingle into that tender warmth.  Pure bliss.
8. The three B’s ‘Baseball, brewskies and Boys:’ Because who can think of a better combination?  Sure, they’re around during winter and fall. And sure, I sound like a fifth grader when I end a sentence with ‘boys.’  But when you wrap them all in a little springtime gift basket and they just all look so nice in those baby blue button-downs, how can you resist!?
9. Music trumps T.V: After spending months tucked into my couch watching Jay Leno and E! True Hollywood Story, the transition into spring flicks off the boob tube.  Spring makes me want to listen to music.  Spring makes me want to dance in circles around my coffee table.  Who said the perfect spring day involves the Kardashians?  It involves Zac Brown Band and Bob Marley.
10. A new slate: A new season, means a new slate. A fresh start, an open road. (And a whole new flouncy, girly wardrobe!)  However you see it, it’s brand new!  And I am willing to believe that is the best part about a perfect spring day.

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