Study Shows Men are Still Out-earning Women

It’s 2011, right? Um, so can anyone tell me why women are STILL getting paid less than men for equal work? Because, as a newly minted college grad looking to jump start my career (and pay off my loans), I’d really like to know.
In a study of nearly 13,000 graduating seniors last fall, researchers discovered that the median starting salary for female college graduates with bachelor’s degrees was $36,451. Not bad, right? Except that the median salary for male college graduates with a bachelor’s degree was $7,708 more. For the same job.
So, apparently having a penis gets you a pay raise? I guess all of those nights I spent praying for boobs in 7th grade would’ve been better spent asking for something else.
The statistics are sad and infuriating. After all, women make up over 50% of university classes! We’re being educated like never before, so it’s not like that’s working against our changes. And the study could not find a correlation between college major and earning, meaning that it’s not like guys are making more money because they tend to pursue a field that pays more. They’re just getting paying more…because they’re men. And keep in mind this is before the company sees any type of job performance.
That sounds fair and equal.
I realize things have improved tremendously for women in the work place, but seriously? We’re graduating college at higher rates than men, and working harder than most men, so where is our compensation? I’m not asking to be paid more, I just want to be paid the same amount. You know, what I deserve.
The best part about this whole mess: companies are claiming they pay women less because they are more likely to leave to pursue a family life. Okay, that’s great for the women who are. But, and just putting this out there, not all women want that. Some want kick-ass careers instead. And on a bit of a side note, how does leaving a company earlier make for a reason to not pay the same starting salary?
I thought we were past this. I thought this was something I’d never have to deal with in my life. Clearly, I thought wrong.

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