CC Beauty Live: Loose Waves


Waves are great.  But I’m not talking about the beach, which I love.  Minus the sand.  And sea critters. And old men in Speedos. Whatever.  Waves are always in, and there are oh so many ways to style them.  You can do the beachy surfer girl crunch, the old Hollywood glamour, the pincurl wave, or this: the loose wave.

We’ve seen ’em on everyone, like Lauren Conrad, Laura Preppon, and all of the Victoria’s Secret Models. And now you can have those perfect, laid back waves, too. They may seem difficult to master, but they’re not. It only takes a little bit of time and patience. And if you happen to burn yourself with your curling iron like I do all the time, I won’t judge you.

So, I’ve got your tutorial for these awesome loose waves.  This is definitely my go-to style and maybe after this, it will be yours too!

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