Current Events Cheat Sheet: Are There Any Politicians Out There That Don't Cheat?

News broke that Arnold Schwarzenegger fathered a child with a family housekeeper almost fifteen years ago. The famous movie actor, body builder and former Governor of California has a history of not-so-savory sexual drama. When he was running for office back in 2003, a number of women came forward claiming he had sexually harassed them. His now-separated wife, Maria Shriver, stood by her man back then, but news that he impregnated their employee at the same time she herself was pregnant must have been too much. Can’t say I blame her.
LinkedIn went from being a privately owned company to a publicly owned one that anyone can invest in. The switch happened Thursday with a bang- it was the biggest company opening on the market in two years. Demand for the stock was so high that less than 5% of people who wanted to buy shares could. The stocks even reached a price three times what had been predicted. (Read more on this.)
For the first time, a majority of Americans polled said they support gay marriage. The survey, carried out by Gallup, asked respondents whether they thought “marriages between same-sex couples should or should not be recognized by the law as valid, with the same rights as traditional marriage.” 53% of the people polled thought that they should. This is a huge jump from last year, when 44% of people felt that way. How fast will politics catch up with the changing American sentiment? That remains to be seen.
Last Monday, the U.S. hit the debt ceiling. You might have heard this before, but probably had no idea what it meant. In fact, David Letterman made a joke about that on his program: “Ladies and gentlemen, hate to be the guy, and I’m sorry about this, but we have hit, the United States of America, has hit the debt ceiling. You know what that means? Neither do I.” Well, here’s a quick rundown: basically, Congress set a legal limit on how much money the U.S. can owe, and we hit that number: $14.294 trillion. The Treasury Secretary said he could move money around till August, but Congress has to figure something out by then- either raise the spending limit or cut the budget. (Read more on why this is so important.)
One of Lance Armstrong’s Tour de France teammates accused the cycling superstar of repeatedly using performance-enhancing drugs. In an interview that aired yesterday on 60 Minutes, Tyler Hamilton said that he saw Armstrong use the drugs with his own eyes, and Armstrong even hooked him up with some of the stuff when Hamilton needed it. Armstrong, not surprisingly, denies it all. He tweeted, “20+ year career. 500 drug controls worldwide, in and out of competition. Never a failed test. I rest my case.”
Pic of the Week:

Photo courtesy of Akashic Books

The Internet’s been astir over this picture book by Adam Mansbach. It’s been on the top of Amazon’s bestseller list for the past couple of weeks, even though it hasn’t even been released yet. Here’s a quote: “You’re cute as hell and smart as ****, But why in the **** won’t you sleep?”

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Stay Stain Free This Summer With Tide [Giveaway]
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