Your Memorial Day (and Summer!) BBQ Survival Guide

I had a really happy moment recently: I tried on my bikini and it not only FIT, but I felt really PROUD of my body. The nagging critic in my head was speechless and all I could hear was internal praise. I mean, I better get some kudos after working my ass off, literally, for the past 2 months!
But somehow I feel like I’ve only won the battle, not the war, aka, Summer BBQs. With Memorial Day just around the corner, they’re a-comin’ and with them, beer, hot dogs, potato salad, chips and dip… It’s all going to tempt me beyond belief, especially once I have a few cocktails. So in an effort to maintain what I’ve worked so hard for, I’ve come up with a BBQ Game Plan.
This may sound deep, but setting an intention before I begin my day has really helped me stay on track. So why not set one before I head to any summer gathering where not-so-healthy food is involved?
Promise yourself to be kind to your body. Treat it like a temple; after all, it is what allows you to function normally everyday. Doing this will keep you conscious of your noshing choices.
Be sure healthy options are available. Find out if your friends, especially guy friends, are serving anything other than artery clogging fare. If they’re not, bring a veggie platter, and maybe some chicken or shrimp. That way you won’t be forced to eat a greasy cheeseburger.
Load up on veggies. So you’re there, you’re hungry, you see all the deliciousness being grilled and passed around. Refocus on your intention and GO FOR THE VEGETABLES. Load up on these bad boys and, of course, have the healthiest protein possible. You will fill up quickly (helloooo, fiber!) and ease the temptation for the fattier options.
Determine portion control. Okay, you’re really dying to try some macaroni or potato salad. Go ahead and indulge. BUT your serving should be small, about the size of your palm. Refrain from going back for more; remember you are in love with your new body.
Don’t drink too much. I totally lose track of my healthy eating mantra when I get drunk. Somehow I always think it’s okay to pile everything on my plate, like it doesn’t count. IT DOES. Even worse, our beloved beer, wine and the like have plenty of calories that will only add to the count, so that’s another reason to pace yourself.
I know this may sound really inconvenient and lame, but if you want to develop healthier habits when it comes to summer parties and barbecues (and not have to skip out on them because you’re afraid you’ll throw away everything you’ve worked for), it’s best to start off on the right foot, right now.
Remind yourself of those intense cardio sessions, thousands of crunches, hot yoga classes as well as the healthier food choices you’ve made. You are proof that dedication to your health and fitness works. Stay strong and satisfied with your beautiful bikini body.

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