Sex in the News: Do all Powerful Men Cheat?

For many people it was no surprise that California’s former governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and ex-IMF chief, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, were both caught in significant sex scandals earlier this month. Just like many powerful politicians before them, including Bill Clinton, John Edwards, John McCain, Gary Hart, Donald Trump, John Ensign, Eliot Spitzer, John F. Kennedy, Ted Kennedy, Franklin D. Roosevelt, (and the list goes on), Schwarzenegger and Strauss-Kahn just seemed to be following the same broken-down path as their predecessors, from serious power to serial infidelity. For many people, the correlation between powerful men and philandering is old news. Like a used-up cliché, it becomes unsurprising and even predictable to assume that influential men are acting out and sleeping around. (Check out Why Dudes Downgrade)
However, Dr. Douglas Weiss, a well-established marriage counselor and the president of the American Association for Sex Addiction Therapy, speaks out against this popular assumption in his interview with Postmedia news. “There are a lot of very successful, type-A personality men who don’t cheat,” he says. Weiss explains that cheaters come from all different socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds. Instead of having money or power in common, many philanders simply value pleasure over principles and share the need to fulfill sexual addictions. Weiss concludes by suggesting several traits that are better signs of a man’s infidelity including, “unaccounted-for time and spending, complaints about the couples’ sex life, avoiding sex, or displays of emotional immaturity.” Although these are not definite signs of infidelity, they are much better indicators than the behavior of a long-line of shady politicians. It is not the high-profile life style, the money, or the power that creates a cheater. Weiss adds, “People cheat because they want to cheat.”
Cheaters have no distinguishing mark, no scarlet ‘A’ burned into their chests, and we can’t pick them out based on their success, their position in society, or their cash-flow. The truth is, anyone is capable of infidelity, not just the rich and famous. Although I am not suggesting to be paranoid, untrusting, or suspicious, it is important to know the facts. Most statistics show that 50-70% of men have cheated at least one in their lives and even though politicians may make up a decent portion of that percent, there is still a chance that others to be similarly unfaithful. And if these stats extend beyond the rich and famous, that means it extends into our college campuses. So what does that mean for the average college girl?
Have you even been cheated on? Have you ever cheated? What made you do it?

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