Switch it Up: Majors That Will Actually Make you Some Money!

You’ve planned it all out perfectly: attend the school of your dreams, major in the one field that you know is right for you, and then graduate with that well-paying job that will be waiting for you on graduation day. It’s your future, 2.0, and you’re determined to make it happen.
Then you find yourself three years into school, a seasoned student, majoring in a field that yup–you guessed it–won’t pay the bills. You’ve heard Sallie Mae horror stories, and you don’t want to end up one of those college graduates ducking and dodging the student loan collectors once that grace period is up. So, while you still have a chance, it’s time to revise that plan of yours. If there’s anything you’ll learn in college, it’s how to be practical, and let’s be real–you’ll practically kill yourself if you have to move back in with your parents after graduation.
Lucky for you, it isn’t too late to switch to a field that you know will have a job waiting for you with a decent salary once you graduate. (Note: I’m talking to those of you still in undergrad. For all you recent grads, well, I feel you.) These select fields are always hiring, welcoming all you proactive undergrads who are eager to do almost anything (yes, even switching majors at the last minute!) for a paycheck that’ll keep you off of mom’s couch after graduation. Here’s a list of 6 fields (and their average salaries) for you to consider when the near-graduation jitters begin.
Take it from me, this post-grad-still-living-at-home-with-mom knows just what she’s talking about. Happy (job) hunting!
1. Engineer– $66,000: Whether you choose to focus on computers, environment, systems or mechanics, you’ll be happy to know that all engineer positions are well-paying (and therefore, well worth the extra year of studying!) Plus, considering how quickly things are advancing right now, there’s always opportunity for engineers.
2. Economics- $65,000: There’s also so much you can do with this major. Whether you’re a loan specialist, foreign affairs officer, or simply an economist, the decent salary will at least make the Sallie Mae horror stories seem a little less scary.
3. Finance: $57,000 Okay, you’ve got to be good with numbers for this one (that counts me out!), but if that whole “banks imploding and execs still getting their $10,000,000 bonuses” thing is any indicator, this is where the money’s at.
4. Biochemistry: $59,000 Um, yeah. Not sure if you noticed but that’s TWO sciences smashed into one so you better have one hell of a study tactic to take on this field. Lots of options are available to you under this major, though. You can do it!
5. Accounting: $51,000 Listen, someone’s gotta do your taxes. Why not learn how to do them yourself? And then charge people lots of money to do theirs, too?
6. Marketing: $63,000 Learn how to persuade others to spend their money on the product you represent. That sounds lucrative, eh?
Obviously it’s important to follow your passion when you are choosing your major, but who knows? Maybe you could find a new passion…that pays.

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