Abortion: Breaking the Taboo

Abortion is everywhere in the news right now. (I mean, isn’t it always?) Politicians are talking about it. Chelsea Handler is talking about it. That’s right, you read correctly–Chelsea Handler. The comedienne recently revealed to the New York Times that she had an abortion when she was 16. “Because that’s what I should have done,” Handler said, after she fired shots at MTV’s “16 and Pregnant” for “rewarding” teen moms.
So why aren’t we talking about it? I mean let’s face it, we all know a girl or two who’s been faced with the decision to have an abortion while in college. In fact, women in their 20s account for more than half of abortions induced in the U.S. More than half, that’s a lot! Abortion is real and it’s happening, especially among us college-aged girls. Yet today it seems more taboo than ever. So who’s to blame for all the hush hush?
I’ll gladly be the first to point my finger at close-minded politicians like North Carolina Representative Virginia Foxx, who has obviously let her zeal for anti-choice conservatism stand in the way of sound reasoning. Madame Foxx (who will be 68 this year, #JustSaying) recently proposed legislation to the House that would amend a bill, restricting federal funds for doctors-in-training from being used to train these doctors how to perform abortion procedures. Plainly speaking, this Foxx lady thinks physicians shouldn’t even be taught how to perform abortions. Is it me or is there something incredibly wrong with this?
First of all, the fact that this sort of proposed regulation is coming from a woman who is beyond her childbearing years is one thing. The fact that there are horrifying health risks that would come along with this sort of physician training restriction is another issue altogether. Not all abortions are done by choice. Women who miscarry often have the fetus removed from their wombs if the body does not expel of it on its own. If left in her stomach, the woman could potentially die from infection. I can go on and on with the different scenarios that would prove that Foxx’s ideas are simply harmful, benefiting next to no one.
Lucky for Chelsea Handler, abortion was still legal when she had hers 20 years ago. And although it’s still legal today, if political matters are left up to Virginia Foxx & co., soon doctors won’t even know how to perform abortions! If it’s our generation that’s taking advantage of our right to choose, then we should be the ones speaking up about Foxx’s attempt at a legalized invasion of privacy.
Handler really had a point when she said that people are way too “P.C.” (or politically correct) about these things. It’s time to break the taboo about abortion. It’s reality, it’s sex, it’s our bodies, and our choice. Let’s keep it that way!

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