Would You Rather Have A Million Dollars or a Perfect Body? [POLL]

In our consumer culture, money is everything and everybody wants it. A lot of it. Enough of it to buy gold and diamond plated teeth. But according to a recent poll, it looks like money may not be people’s top priority anymore.

According to the too-good-looking newscasters on CNN this morning, when people were asked whether they’d rather have a million dollars or the perfect body, over 20% of people chose the perfect body.

Pretty crazy, right?

To me, the answer seems obvious. And it’s all about the dolla dolla bills. I mean, money is everything in today’s world, right? Even if you didn’t have a perfect body, with all that cash money you could easily look up the best plastic surgeon in Hollywood and buy yourself a perfect bod. Just ask Heidi Montag! Not to mention, you’d still have a large chunk of change to spend on other rich cheap tricks (cars, designer handbags, ponies, etc…).

But then again, it’s kind of crazy how obsessed our culture has become with achieving perfect body status. Every time you turn on the TV or open a magazine, there’s an ad for some new weight loss pill (“I lost 275 pounds with Xenadrine MAX!”) or some new celebrity workout DVD. Plus, when you have a perfect body, you tend to attract a lot more attention (models, reality show stars, or ANYONE Hugh Hefner dates) and you’ll probably score yourself at least a few free dinners and at most, a reality TV show on E! (and multiple spin-offs) with your family and all the crazy shenanigans they get themselves into.

So if a genie popped out of nowhere and offered you one or the other, which would you choose: one million bucks or the perfect body you’ve always wanted?

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