Budget Stylista: Memorial Day Sale Style

Memorial Day weekend is here! School is out, barbecues are in and it’s that in-between week where you’re home from school and not on to your summer plans yet, be it trip or internship or job. So the perfect thing to do with mom this weekend (aside from eating hot dogs and slaw)?!
Shop. Duh!
Sales are EVERYWHERE. Seriously, now is a great time to get everything from shoes to mattresses. Where do you start?! What should you stock up on?! So many choices and so little time to hit all the stores! Life is so hard! Wah.
Lucky for you I hit up four of our favorites and picked a few of my must-haves from the sales. From Nordstrom’s Half-yearly Sale (I enjoy this weekend more than my birthday weekend) to Gap, Macy’s and Old Navy, there are deals to be had, people. And when deals are on, you can count on your trusty Budget Stylista to help you find the best styles for cheap.

Remember the Reasons Behind Memorial Day
Remember the Reasons Behind Memorial Day
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