Remember the Reasons Behind Memorial Day

I hope to never know what it feels like to lose someone during a war, never getting closure or being able to say my goodbyes. I know it may sound greedy, but I never want any member of my family to enter into a part of the Army/Marines/National Guard, because I don’t want to worry about them every second of the day. Not knowing when I’ll be able to contact them next, and wondering why I haven’t heard from them for days, weeks, at a time.

The men and women who do enter into the armed forces are extraordinary people who are willing to risk everything for the benefit of, well, you. The soldiers that are there are protecting you and making a safer place for you. The crazy part? They don’t even know you…but are still hopeful that their part will help to change our society.
Memorial day began in 1868 when members of the Grand Army of the Republic requested to decorate the graves of their friend. Since than, Memorial Day has become a time when the US honors the fallen heroes of all of its wars.
While celebrating Memorial Day this coming Monday, stop to remember these people. The people who were brave enough to fight for America, who risked everything. This past year the total count of troop causality reached 4,452 with 32,074 wounded, and 20% who now suffer from serious brain or spinal injuries. These men and women, not furniture sales or family BBQs, are the reason Memorial Day was created. Remember that and remember them.
Yes, spend Memorial Day with your family. Yes, be thankful for every moment you have with them. But for one moment, some time on Monday, take a second and remember all of the people who are missing a part of their families today, and what those people have sacrificed for this country.

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