An Open Letter to Undergrads

Dear Those of You Lucky Enough to Still be in College,
The next (insert number of years here) is going to be one of the greatest times of your life. You’ll get to experience the freedom you’ve longed for, stay up for the late nights you didn’t expect, and find the greatest friends you never even knew existed.
You will fight with you roommate, multiple times. And it will be okay; nothing a small talk and a few bars of chocolate can’t fix. Remember, sometimes your mom can help. Call her, ask her what to do, involve her in your life. You are the one who needs to set the boundaries on when and how many times she can call. So talk to her.
It’s okay to fail. It’s okay to fail a lot, make mistakes, take stupid chances. There won’t be another time in your life when you can try this many things. So test out the waters, see what you like, find out what really makes you happy.
Sometimes it’s okay to skip your study sesh. You’re going to remember the night you stayed up playing Apples to Apples with your best friends, not what you got on a quiz that counts for 10% of your grade. Which brings me to…make memories! Yes, you go to college to get an education. But you’re only getting half of what you pay for if you only learn from books. So put off that paper one more day and go out with your friends.
Always think before you get a tattoo. Don’t use the excuse “It seemed like a good idea at the time.” Think about it, figure out exactly what you want. Remember that it is permanent, and your mom will find out about it some day.
Be single. Find out who you are without anyone attached to you. Date, and date a lot. You won’t be able to find out who you are interested in being with if you don’t play the field. Now, that is not me saying, “don’t be in a relationship!” Just make sure you figure out who you are FIRST.
Go to Sunday brunch as many times as possible, for you will miss the days when the greasy eggs were the perfect fix for your Saturday night hangover.
Never forget the times when your roommate rolls over at midnight and whispers “Are you still awake” and you both share why you can’t sleep while laughing at your neighbor’s intense make out sesh. Make sure to thank her for always being your number one fan and the twin sister you always wanted.
Freshmen: Remember you are new and you do not know anything about this environment. Never, under any circumstances, correct a senior…you may get hit, or black listed from future parties. On that note, go to parties, play Beirut and flip cup. And learn why upperclassmen mock freshman girls. (Need more freshman advice? Check out Everything I learned Freshman Year)
Sophomores: Do not utter “Oh my god freshman are so annoying,” but remember you were there less than 3 months ago. Sympathize with your younger counterparts. Enjoy being out of the freshman dorms, revel in the fact that you don’t have to ask for directions. And always keep in touch with the people who share your freshman year memories.
Juniors: You’re almost there, don’t wish it away. Have fun on your 21st birthday! Enjoy your first night to the bar. But remember to always go to the bar with a buddy, and watch out for the really creepy men that may try to hit on you, as well as the sloppy frat bros.
Seniors: Ahh, seniors. Don’t stress out, you will finish all of your work on time. Enjoy knowing your school and remember it’s okay to give a freshman the wrong directions. Go out and don’t think about “this is the last time…” just have fun making the memory. Take care of all graduation preparations before finals; trust me, it may seem a little unnecessary, but you’ll thank me. Let your parents and friends be proud of you — and thank them. Those in your life who have stayed with you for the past four years, supported you, endured your drunk dials, listened to your tales and given you a hug when you needed it most. Make sure to thank them all.
Good Luck!
Courtney (one of the millions of graduating seniors)

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