The Weekly Ten: Bad Boy Behavior

Men and women operate differently.
That’s an understatement if I ever heard one, but really it’s the simplest way to explain a complicated situation. It’s an answer to an age-old question. It’s the reasoning behind Men are From Mars and Women are From Venus.  It’s not an absolute, that’s for sure. But for the most part men and women operate on very different wave lengths for a number of different reasons. And because of that we can sometimes get our signals crossed. Because of that we do things that baffle the other sex. Things that annoy the other sex. Things the other sex really wishes we didn’t do…
But I’m not here to discuss out faults. I’m here to discuss their faults.
The things they do that drive us crazy.
10. The sports obsession.  Sports are a big deal for guys. And I can even understand why when they’re the ones playing but I will never fathom the deep obsession and devotion to certain sports teams. I understand that it exists and I respect that. But I just don’t get it.
9. Inability to remember dates. Birthdays. Anniversaries. Parties. It doesn’t matter what the date is or how long they’ve known about it. Men can never remember dates. I guess they’re big picture people rather than attention to detail people, like say, a lot of women.
8. Not texting back. Or maybe even worse: texting back with just one word, or one letter. “K” K? Why is that always the response? Is it because you’re afraid to say the wrong thing or because you’re just too lazy to type?And I already know you don’t like to talk on the phone. What’s with the lack of communication? Give a little, guys.
7. Choosing videogames over us. What is it that Call of Duty has that we don’t? The guns? The guys in uniform? The fact that they don’t actually exist? It’s just a video game boys. Put down the controller and get dressed. We’re going out.
6. Leave the toilet seat up. I know, I know. I know. This one is old news it’s a battle men and women have been fighting for a very, very long time. There is no winner. I get that. But still it needs to be said. It’s annoying.
5. Ordering for us. This might be more of a personal pet peeve than a general consensus but I hate it when a guy orders for me. Especially without consulting me first. I don’t care how amazing you think their burgers are. Maybe I don’t want a burger. Maybe you should take the time to find out.
4. Inability to multitask. According to my freshman year anthropology class women are better multitaskers than men because back in the days of hunters and gatherers they were the hunters, and we were the gatherers. All of our responsibilities involved doing more than one task at a time while men focused solely on bringing home the bacon…er bison?
3. Cat calls. Rude and lewd and ridiculous. I promise you we don’t find it flattering.
2. Not having a plan. I’m not saying you have to plan every date, every time. In fact that would probably annoy me. But in the beginning, especially if you’re the one that asked me out, the least you could do is have a semblance of a plan. Dinner and a movie. It’s not that difficult. Why do you resist the plan?
1. Disappearing instead of breaking up with us. This little move has been pulled on me and a few of my friends, and it’s something I will always hate. Breaking up is awkward and uncomfortable and no one wants to do it. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have to do it or that you shouldn’t. Because you know what’s even more awkward? Running into that girl you haven’t seen since you dropped her at her door a year later.
There’s got to be more than this. Spill it ladies. What will you never understand about men?

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