The Intern's Guide to the Big Cities

S0 you’re a small town girl finally interning in that big city of your dreams. And now that you’ve arrived, you’ve realized you’re completely lost! Well, of course we’ve got you covered. We’ve got interns all over the country (Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, and D.C.) ready to show you the ropes around these cities. We’re letting you in on all the hot spots: where to party, where to drink, where to chill, getaways, whatever you like! Stick with us and you’ll be looking less like a tourist and more like the locals in no time!
For all you New York city dwellers, this bucket list of things to do places to go and things to see will have you feeling (and probably sounding) like a true New “Yorkah” in no time!
D.C. seems like the place to be this summer with this list. You’ll be enjoying cool days and action-packed nights in no time!
Chicago has a million and one things to do during the summer. Just take it from us, there will never be a dull moment!
Los Angeles is all it’s cracked out to be on TV, plus more! Be excited!
Photo compliments of Kelsey Clark, another NYC intern

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Candy Dish: Play Nice
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