10 Hilarious Women Who Could Replace Chelsea Handler

In the male-dominated world of late-night talk shows, Chelsea Lately has always been a breath of fresh air. Her sarcastic, dry (but sometimes fueled by alcohol) humor, panel of D-list comedians, and her “little nugget” Chuy make for one ridiculously funny half-hour production. Needless to say, I was devastated when Handler told the Hollywood Reporter that she wanted “something that will utilize her brain a little more than this show.”
As much as I love Chelsea, we can’t lose the one female-hosted late night show! If Handler does make the unfortunate (and probably stupid) decision to leave Chelsea Lately, here are 10 women who I think could bring the show to a new level.

Who do you think would be the best at making fun of celebrities, drinking her way through interviews, and having perfect chemistry with a little Mexican midget? Was I wrong to be so tough on Silverman? Anyone I left off the list that you think is deserving of the job? Let us know!

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