A Reminder to Stay Safe on Campus

Early Friday morning, Indiana University student Lauren Spierer went missing. The sophomore apparel and merchandising major was last seen around 4:30 am heading home after spending time with friends. According to the Herald Times Online, nearly hundreds of people volunteered Monday to help police search for clues on her whereabouts. Searches will continue today.
The CollegeCandy staff is extending our thoughts to Lauren and her family — and as a college-centric blog we thought we ought to do more than that. While we can’t travel to Indiana to help with the search, we can remind everyone, especially college females, the importance of staying safe on campus.
Yes, you’ve probably heard these before, but it can never hurt to reiterate some safety tips that all college women should follow. Here are five important tips:
Walk With Somebody: It’s so easy to find a friend to walk you home. So do it. Often you don’t want to inconvenience others, but Lauren’s situation is a terrible reminder of why women should always walk in groups.
Walk In Well Lit Areas: It might be tempting to take the short cut home but walking through well-lit and populated areas can keep you safe
Yell For Help: If you are being followed make noise. It can both garner attention to help you and scare off a potential attacker.
Limit Distractions: When walking by yourself, especially at night, resist listening to music and spending time on your phone. This will help you become more alert to your surroundings.
Take A Self Defense Class: These classes teach a variety of different things from how to spot dangerous situations and how to intimidate attackers, to the physical moves that can help save your life.
For more information on the search for Lauren Spierer check for updates on Herald Times Online and the twitter page dedicated to the story. And remember, while you may feel completely safe in your college campus bubble, you’re still living in the real world and need to take real precautions.

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