The Dude Recommends the Ultimate Summer Reading List

CollegeCandy wanted someone to recommend the perfect must reads for the sunny season and, really, who better than myself to provide a steady diet of awesome for your imagination? Now that the tornadoes are out of the way, let’s get to the beach. Save the Communist Manifesto for your Intro to Free Economy class in September.  Here’s your ultimate summer reading list to guarantee fun under the sun on the sand.

We covered a ton of ground on this list of ten perfect summer reads (seriously, I mean it, seriously, look at the range!). I could have listed a hundred but I wanted to get to the pool before all the free towels were taken. How many of these have you read already? Any new to you? Think I missed a few? Put your ultimate summer reads in the comment section below. No matter what you use to escape into summer lovin’, remember to wear sunscreen!

Never going out of print,

The Dude

Want more suggestions, check out our weekly book reviews. Then check out the 10 novels every girl should read. Think we’re still missing a great book? Leave it below in the comments.

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