This Post-Grad Life: Dating Suddenly Has Less Questions

It’s finally happened. My post-grad dating apocalypse.

I met a guy. We really hit it off. He got my number. And, as the story goes, I went to my home, he went to his. The end.

What’s wrong with this story, you ask? The next chapter, that’s what. Because I can’t expect to see him walking through the quad next Monday afternoon or standing in line at the caf on Burrito Tuesdays. ¬†I mean, I’m not trying to be creepy, but I miss that security blanket of possibly meeting up with a guy you met in on your college bubble campus. And who doesn’t love talking to their girlfriends about spotting said cute guy as he’s getting his fitness on shirtless at the gym? That’s one of the best parts! Simply put, running into a potential dude on campus was exciting, nerve-wracking and . . .expected.

But now that I’ve kissed my college campus good-bye, things are becoming a little…less expected.

This weekend, I met a nice young fellow and (boom goes the dynamite) he got my number. Oh the glory! We hit things off, he said all kinds of nice things and made me feel all the right giddiness in my little grown up lady chest. In weird ways (only girls like me can detect in their over-analyzation mind stations), he was totally what I’ve been looking for in a dude. He was nice, authentically funny and had those nice twinkly puppy dog eyes. Oh, and he also said I was pretty. What more could a girl ask for?

But then I started my ‘tweak out’ thoughts: Is that it? Am I never going to see him again? He may have gotten my number, but I didn’t get his – and I can’t just randomly bump into him at the library during a group meeting. I have virtually no control of what happens. Oh, the horror! I know I’m totally being a girl here – but this change in scenery (in a big girl world) is throwing me off a bit. How often is it going to happen where I meet someone and have to let a good thing go amiss just because I “may never run into him again?”

There are many factors to consider here. Like, um, who cares? There are more than one drunken men-fish in the sea that have sparkly eyes and a sweet demeanor. And there is really nothing else I can do. He has my number and he can speed dial that shiz if he wants to. Living a new lifestyle outside of college is a weirdly fickle one. But in a dark room of post-meeting-guys doubt, there is also something refreshing about not knowing when you’re going to see someone again.¬†Another refreshing part? The ball is completely in the dudes court. That means, I will truly know he is a stand-up gentlemen if he actually reaches out and asks me on a date.

Although there are all these new questions and concerns since I’m no longer in college, there is an effective way to simplify the situation. It might sting a little to admit, but if he likes me, he’ll figure it out. And if he doesn’t, I don’t need to waste my time over-analyzing how he looked at me while I poured my Fruit Loops at the cafeteria. Did you catch that crucial point there, ladies? Likes me, calls me. Doesn’t like me, doesn’t call me.

Gulp. Here’s to that. (Please like me, please like me, please like me…)

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