Baggin' Out: Cleobella Mexicana Clutch

Every girl needs a good purse (or 12). Whether you’re going for groceries or running from class to class, they are simply essential for holding all your, uh, essentials. Each week, I’m going to show you a fashionable, yet functional purse for the college crowd and let you know why you absolutely need it! I apologize ahead of time to your bank account.
I love summertime. And you know why? Because I can be outside! Northern Ontario winters are not fun (unless you consider -20F on a good day fun), so we like to celebrate the few months of gorgeousness we get and be outdoors. That means beach parties, outdoor patios and all the BBQ I can handle. I took a look at my measly clutch collection the other day (I’m such an ashamed handblog blogger) and realized that everything I owned was more suited to winter. Basic black and brown leather, but nothing fun or “warm”.

The Cleobella Mexicana Clutch is going to suit my summer needs perfectly. Made in a rainbow of bold leathers, featuring beautiful cutout and lacing details, it’s completely ethnic and screams HOT. Each and every Cleobella product is handmade in Bali (just like the gadogado dress!), including all the intricate characteristics on this 10 L x 5 H beauty.

But, besides looking great, this clutch is super organized and functional. Inside you’ll find dedicated slots for bills AND cards, as well as a space just for your ID! Two zipper pockets, both the entire length and width of the clutch while closed keep your lipstick and cell phone safe. The clutch secures with a magnetic closure and even has a tiny strap you can carry it with, if you choose. Leather is great for summer and winter, so this clutch could really prove to be season-less. The deeper leathers will wear especially well through the colder months!
And, bonus, it’s celeb-approved chic! Homegirl Emmy Rossum was spotted with this very clutch in a gorgeous green leather. She looks super cute, as always, and shows us how to dress this clutch up for a nice dinner or cocktail party.

If the Cleobella Mexicana Clutch has tickled your fancy (as it should have!), head over to the brand’s website and purchase it for $160. Enjoy!

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