Budget Stylista: Maxi Dresses

In this part of the country (Chicago) It’s been hot in herre. Cue Nelly.
And the last thing I have the energy to do when it’s this hot is think about an outfit that makes me look hot, but feel cool. The Maxi Dress is always the best option for a summer wardrobe — it has versatility, style, and a breeze drifting up the skirt! Bonus Points! This season, there are countless styles of the maxi — from one shouldered to strapless, florals to bold prints, light weight materials (think gauze) to dressier materials you could rock at a family wedding…there is a maxi for every occasion!
So your trusty Budget Stylista- (cough cough, moi) rounded up 10 of the best, most affordable maxi dresses out there. So no matter what your occasion, I’ve taken the thinking out of it. Wake up, throw on, add an accessory and off you go.
I’m like your maxi dress fairy godmother.
Bibbity. Bobbity. Boop!

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